Kent Baker functions as the neutral to facilitate a productive conversation between two parties.  With skill, experience and creativity, Kent will guide the discussion so the parties can satisfactorily resolve their dispute.  Mediation allows the participants to discuss and structure the settlement themselves.  This is a great advantage over traditional litigation, which can mean courtrooms, judges and attorneys, high anxiety and stress, along with significant legal fees.

Christian Conciliation

While traditional mediation seeks to resolve a dispute or conflict to the satisfaction of both parties, Christian conciliation seeks to go one better.  In addition to resolving the conflict, this approach also addresses the damage that occurred between parties and seeks to restore the relationship to at least as good as it was before.  Kent Baker believes in this approach for his clients, as the majority of their disputes occur in relationships that are important to them.  Maintaining positive relationships is critical to health, satisfaction and well-being.

Conflict Coaching

Kent Baker helps one individual or party involved in a conflict or disagreement to analyze the situation objectively, understand the barriers to resolution, and improve their communication and interpersonal skills so the problem can be effectively solved. 

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